The consultation of archives allows to find Jean-Baptiste Locret , grow maker before 1750. His descendants were also growmarkers at Hautvillers. It’s one of them, Gaston Locret who undertook the marketing of his champagne in1920.
This was a very difficult time for the grow makers whose grapes were bought at a low price by a few traders.

A few men who were energics as was Gaston Locret, then began to fin themselves outlets for their grapes by creating the tool necessary for their transformation and the sale of bottles of champagne. Gaston Locret built the vat room and the press in 1920. His son Jean Emile Locret, born in 1924, continued the development of the house, followed by his grandson Philippe Locret having developed the house with courage and passion.

Today, Charlotte Locret and her team ensure the destiny of the brand. It is with great pleasure that they will welcome you to the estate to make you discover their wines